About Your Fund Membership Dues

In the spirit of our values of both autonomy and collective power, each fund will self determine how much they can contribute toward NNAF dues. Membership Dues defray the cost of our programming for all abortion funds in our network and acknowledge the mutual investment in our relationship. For context and budget transparency, below is a list of programmatic costs for NNAF benefits. With the exception of Technical Assistance coaching, each amount is estimated on program cost alone and does not include NNAF staff time. Any amount your fund can pay will qualify you for the list of benefits below.

Benefits of NNAF Membership Include:

  • Subsidies to attend the annual National Organizing Summit. Average value: $1,300 per fund
  • Eligibility and subsidies to participate in Regional Convenings: Average value: $1,950 per fund
  • Eligibility to participate in the Annual Fund-a-Thon, which includes access to Classy peer-to-peer fundraising platform and hands-on assistance from dedicated NNAF staff. Average value: Unlimited fundraising potential
  • NNAF programming, including Movement Makers, the Network Movement Building Labs (NMBL and NMBL+), and organizational development programs. Average value per individual participant: $4,000
  • Eligibility to participate in member leadership bodies such as the Network Design Team, and Organizing Working Group. Average stipend value: $1000 per fund
  • Access to technical assistance and coaching from NNAF staff on organizing, security and risk assessment, communications and media strategy, organizational development, fundraising, and more. Estimated value: $200 per coaching call
  • Access to regular skillshare webinars. Average value: $90 per webinar
  • Peer support and cultivated connections with fellow abortion fund leaders to build a strong grassroots network that funds abortion and builds power together. Estimated value: priceless!

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